Our Industry Experts

Our wood heating experts produce biomass boiler systems, allowing you to heat your home or building with efficient, affordable wood heat. They provide a wide variety of wood heating systems, so whatever size or type of building you need to heat, they have an option that will work right for you.

These professionals represent over a dozen businesses throughout Massachusetts, New England, and neighboring states. They’re important parts of the economy and community in our region. 

And they’re great at what they do — all skilled engineers who understand the science behind wood heat, its many benefits, and how to make it work for you.

Download our list of modern wood heat vendors here:

About our Alliance of Biomass Boiler Manufacturers

These businesses are important to the fabric of our communities — hubs for commerce and employment in communities throughout New England. When you support them, you help keep dollars within our regional economy.

Over the past few decades, these companies have taken wood heat — an age-old, time-tested source of heating and fuel — and modernized it to meet the needs of today’s world. They’ve continually honed their designs over the years, and today they produce highly efficient machines capable of reducing smoke up to 90-99%.

As part of your community, they work directly with you to warm your building with sustainable, renewable wood heat. Over 200 Massachusetts businesses, public institutions, and homeowners have chosen these companies for their quality biomass boiler systems that allow them to heat their spaces with sustainable wood heat.

About the Biomass Boiler Systems They Produce

Our businesses produce a variety of biomass boiler systems, providing you a range of options for accessing the benefits of wood heat.

System Sizes — Heating systems are available in a complete range of sizes. Smaller systems can provide heat for most homes and similarly sized buildings. Mid-range systems typically accommodate businesses, office buildings, apartment buildings, and public institutions such as schools, farming facilities, and more. Larger systems can heat sizable institutions, like warehouses, hospitals, and manufacturing plants. In many cases, boilers can be custom-fit to meet the size and needs of your space.

Types of Systems — Their machines also accommodate several different types of wood heating, each with its own distinct uses and benefits: 

  • Wood Pellet Boilers — Wood pellets are made by pressing milled wood particles at high pressure. This fuel comes in several grades, based on the makeup of the pellets. Wood pellets are highly versatile and easy to handle.
  • Green Chip Boilers — These burn green wood with moisture content upwards of 50%. They usually require more space, so they’re often used for larger buildings. They’re a bigger initial investment but will pay for themselves, since green chip fuel is lower-cost.
  • Dry and Semi-Dry Chip Boilers — These machines are compact and suitable for smaller buildings. Dry chips are more expensive than green chips but still much less expensive than fossil fuel heating. They’re easy to process and burn for heat.

Cost Benefits of Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are typically more expensive than oil boilers. However, over time you’ll get back your investment and then some, with savings on heating costs. 

Based on current gas prices, the use of wood chip and pellet boilers should save you at least $30,000 over the lifetime of your boiler, potentially closer to $100,000 because oil prices are rising much more quickly than wood chip and pellet prices. In general, wood heat frees you from the unpredictable swings in the oil and gas market.

There are state and federal incentives, financing options, and other cost efficiencies around wood heat and wood boilers. These price benefits allow you to invest in a biomass boiler at a similar or better cost than a gas boiler and then enjoy all the ongoing savings associated with wood heat.

A Mutually Beneficial, Long-Term Investment in Our Region

By investing in a biomass boiler, you’re benefiting yourself or your organization, while also supporting long-term benefits for New England’s forest and the Massachusetts wood industry.  Learn about who we are at Mass Wood Heat or the Massachusetts Forest Alliance for more information on our mission and purpose.

Our List of Industry Experts

All these benefits are made possible by our regional network of pellet and chip biomass boiler manufacturers. Each of these experts is a hub of economic activity in our region. By doing business with them, you keep dollars in our regional economy, with fellow citizens of Massachusetts and neighboring states.

They include:

Eastern Biomass LLC (ME)

Pellergy LLC (VT)

Froling Energy (NH)

Tarm Biomass (NH)

Caluwe Inc. (MA)

Heatek Energy LLC ME)

Viessmann (RI)

New Day Energy LLC (MA)

Sandri Energy (MA)

Messersmith Manufacturing Inc. (MI)

AFS Energy Systems (PA)

Hurst Boiler (ME)

Renewable Heating Solutions, Inc. (MA)

Please click here for further information about our expert providers, including the types of buildings they service, the types of boilers they provide, and their contact information.

At Massachusetts Modern Wood Heat, we connect residents, businesses, and public institutions to a source of heating fuel that both helps the regional economy of Massachusetts and the environment. Please visit MassForestAlliance.net or contact us for more information.